Dino Junior Hot Rod BF1 (Black)

Dino Pedal Go Karts. German Quality

Great features on this Limited Edition go kart for the smaller or younger rider
  • Brake Freewheel (1 gear) - Freewheel brake with backbrake and reverse gear. The freewheel brake BF1 allows driving forward and backward without further changes. The integrated back pedalling brake ensures especially safe and comfortable stopping.
  • 5 Point Seat Adjustment - move the seat for your size.
  • Plastic bonnet for good looks and styling.
  • Double Ball Joint Steering - For smooth steering.
  • Sports Steering Wheel - A must for the sporty feel.
  • Off Road Look Tyres - Super grip tyres.
  • Suggested Age Range - Above 5 yrs
  • Length - 155cm
  • Width - 78cm
  • Height - 90cm
  • Weight - 42kg

All DINO karts carry a 5 year chassis warranty and a 2 year general warranty against faulty goods

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