Dino Camaro GT (Silver)

Dino Pedal Go Karts. German Quality

Great features on the Camaro are finished off with the super slick front spoiler and easy run wide tyres. This kart is cool !
  • Freewheel - Allows driving forward.
  • 5 Point Seat Adjustment - move the seat for your size.
  • Plastic bonnet for good looks and styling.
  • Floating Front Axle - For stability on rougher ground.
  • Double Ball Joint Steering - For smooth steering.
  • Sports Steering Wheel - A must for the sporty feel.
  • Easy Run Tyres - Reduces rolling resistance.
  • Suggested Age Range - Above 5 yrs
  • Length - 150cm
  • Width - 85cm
  • Height - 80cm
  • Weight - 45kg

All DINO karts carry a 5 year chassis warranty and a 2 year general warranty against faulty goods

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