Dino Buggy

Dino Pedal Go Karts. German Quality

Small in size but big in attitude ! The Dino Cars Buggy is built for our younger clients who have an eye for quality, whether it is in the school playground or around the garden, these introduction models are every bit as good as the larger karts. Funky rear steering using the big paddle levers and a simple front wheel drive makes this ideal for the eccentric enthusiast as well as commercial users.
  • Floating Front Axle - For stability on rougher ground.
  • Suggested Age Range - Up to 12 yrs
  • Length - 120cm
  • Width - 69cm
  • Height - 76cm
  • Weight - 25kg

All DINO karts carry a 5 year chassis warranty and a 2 year general warranty against faulty goods

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