Water features can add to garden feng shui

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Water features can help to bring balance to a garden, thereby promoting good living and prosperity.

That is the view of feng shui master Clarence Lau, who argued that the positioning of certain features within a property and its grounds can open it up "to the flow of positive energy".

Speaking to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, he said: "In Chinese feng shui the idea is to stabilise your property to promote good health, fortune and relationships."

Mr Lau suggested that in order to bring the most success, water features should be put at the front of the house.

He claimed that a feature like a fountain or fishpond can help to channel feng shui, but added that the water needs to be flowing towards the home to symbolise wealth going in.

People looking to achieve the right balance in their gardens may also wish to consider a thatched gazebo or log house. Simon Hamilton, director of interiors consultancy Simon Hamilton and Associates, recently argued that people now want to feel secure in their surroundings when it comes to their home designs.

Posted by David Webb
    - 17 August 2010
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Water features can add to garden feng shui

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