Use plants to benefit each other

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Garden owners who are hoping for a successful year of growing outdoors may be interested in the latest advice from a US website.

According to, it can be beneficial to grow certain types of plants together as they can work in harmony.

It gave the example of planting corn, pole beans and squash together in the same plot, with the three working together to their mutual advantage.

The squash's small spikes act to keep animals from eating the corn, while the plant also helps to shade out weeds, the website noted.

Meanwhile, the pole beans also give the corn something to climb, allowing the plant to fully establish itself.

The online resource also had advice for those who grow spring bulbs, suggesting that the flowers should be trimmed back around an inch from the top after the leaves die back.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society recently noted that its Plantfinder book's latest edition has been heavily influenced by the work of US growers, whose products have been appearing in the UK.

Posted by David Webb   - 01 June 2010
More Thatched Gazebos Articles
Use plants to benefit each other

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