The merits of organic lawns

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A US website has been investigating the case for switching to organic lawn care in light of recent research which suggests chemical fertilisers could be harmful to children.

The Bedford-Katonah Patch noted that New York governor David Patterson recently passed a bill that will ensure all schools in the state ditch their use of chemicals on playing fields from next year.

It follows research published in the Paediatrics journal which confirmed that a link may exist between lawn care products and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The news has caused concern among some gardeners, with local homeowner Kim Blachar telling the online resource that she would like to know more to ensure that her children are protected from any potentially harmful materials.

Paul Tukey - founder of - told the website that 15 per cent of lawn care in the US is done using natural materials.

However, he warned that those applying chemicals often overdo it to dangerously high levels.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society recently reported that a bacterial infection is threatening English oak trees in the UK.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 08 June 2010
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The merits of organic lawns

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