Start work now for beautiful summer garden

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Brits looking to create the ideal garden setting in time for the summer may wish to start mucking in around now.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), growers can be putting the hours in now, despite the cold weather.

This is especially true for those looking to establish a kitchen garden as seed companies are already sending out their catalogues.

The winter months are an ideal time to sift through these and choose the seeds you want for the growing season.

Another good tip is to get the soil ready for planting. The RHS suggests that this should ideally be done when the ground is dry, as tramping around the dirt when it's wet will simply serve to compact it.

Gardeners should dig it over and mix in some healthy organic matter to help ensure perfect conditions for planting.

Old crops should also be cleared away in order to keep the soil free for the new plants. They can also be thrown on the compost heap to help add nutrients.

Meanwhile, the Wokingham Times has suggested that gardeners start thinking about which summer-flowering bulbs they wish to grow.   - 15 February 2010
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Start work now for beautiful summer garden

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