Scout builds garden gazebo

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A 12-year-old boy scout has built a garden gazebo in a task to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. 

Ike Emerson from Salisbury, North Carolina, started to prepare for his project in November and has now undertaken the first steps in creating the structure so that it can be ready to enjoy this spring.

Local newspaper the Salisbury Post reported that the wooden gazebo is 12-by-12 feet and once constructed will be presented to 179 children at the St John's Child Development Center, who will use the gazebo for learning outside in the sun.

Additional features of the garden gazebo include benches made of composite wood to reduce the risk of splinters, an entry ramp and etched glass for the top of the structure.

A member of the local church, Ike received donations from the congregation to pay for materials, covering two-thirds of the cost of the project.

Meanwhile in the UK, Hendon MP Matthew Offord has backed his support to keep a garden gazebo owned by a local cafe from being taken down.

Posted by Gary Carter
    - 02 March 2011
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Scout builds garden gazebo

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