Primulas recommended to garden gazebo owners

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Primulas have been tipped as a great way to add colour to a backyard in the months leading into spring, those with garden gazebos might be interested to learn.

In a blog for Gardeners' World, Adam Pasco said backyards can look a bit devoid of colour before spring, but that these plants are the perfect solution.

"There's nothing wrong with instant gratification. Who can resist the appeal of primulas at this time of year," he commented.

Mr Pasco revealed that he is using the plants in patio pots of different sizes and heights so he can group them together in displays.

He warned that as March tends to be a relatively dry month, primulas should be kept well watered, adding that liquid feed can be a wise option for those looking to get the most out of the plants.

Primula World also recommended keeping the plants moist, explaining that they "do not tolerate drying out at the root".

Posted by David Webb    - 09 March 2011
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Primulas recommended to garden gazebo owners

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