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A US horticulture expert has launched a new online resource that may be of benefit to garden enthusiasts in the UK.

According to the Start Tribune, Minneapolis resident and horticulture masters degree student Barb Hegman set up after interviewing thousands of master gardeners about the way they record their work.

The site includes data on 1,500 plants and helps gardeners keep track of what they have done, tasks yet to be completed and the success rate of previous work.

Users can upload photo diaries of their gardens and access seasonal and zone-specific information.

Free to use for the first 30 days, the website then costs members $21 (£14.34) per year or $45 for three years.

"It's an organisational tool that can be used by anybody," the news provider reported Ms Hegman as saying.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society has reported that a prominent Gloucestershire arboretum is to invest £2 million in an expansion plan.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 02 June 2010
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New online resource for gardeners

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