New firm takes stress out of barbecues

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A new company has been founded with the aim of taking the guesswork out of barbecues.

The BarbeSkew Company makes products that automatically rotate food on skewers in order to ensure it is evenly cooked through to the centre and that it does not burn.

It has even thought of larger items, such as fish and chicken, by creating a cage that rotates and allows the flames to heat them all over.

"Everyone loves a good barbeque, but not everyone loves the guesswork involved in the cooking process," the firm said, explaining that its products could "change the face of barbecuing forever".

The company predicted that kebabs with mashed sweet potato and minted peas could be a big favourite this summer, while minted peas, barbecue plum kebabs and exotic-style cucumber and couscous salad may also fill the garden tables of Brits across the country.

Meanwhile, Beefeater BBQ recently told that Brits tend to make the common mistake of flipping meat too much when tending to the barbeque and that it should only be turned over once.   - 22 February 2010
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New firm takes stress out of barbecues

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