Mud is a sure sign that spring is here, gardeners advised

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Rather than despairing that gardens are becoming muddy as the weather warms up, gardeners should instead think positively and appreciate the fact that spring is just around the corner.

Indeed, according to American gardening expert Jane Ford, dogs or children trailing mud indoors is a sure sign that gardeners should get busy with all the tasks usually associated with spring.

In particular, she wrote in the News Sentinel that now is the time to start seeding for warm season annuals and perennials, though, given the dampness still outside, this is best done indoors.

Ms Ford added: "It is [also] a good time to plant hardy dormant containers or balled-and-burlapped shrubs, trees and vines."

As well as engaging in some pro-active seeding, the expert advised gardeners to take advantage of the thaw to gather up any remaining winter mulch and dead vegetation, as this is perfect for making compost for use in the spring and summer.

This comes just days after James Alexander-Sinclair noted in his blog for Gardeners' World that it can be wise to make a 'to do' list for March, given the amount of tasks there are to carry out ahead of spring.   - 05 March 2010
More Thatched Gazebos Articles
Mud is a sure sign that spring is here, gardeners advised

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