Keep the rats from the garden

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Brits who keep a compost heap in their garden should take care not to let it become a haven for vermin, it has been claimed.

Many horticulture enthusiasts make their own compost and are often guilty of using inappropriate material to help the process.

According to BBC Berkshire expert Colin Evans, it is important to avoid putting kitchen scraps in the mix.

A recent caller to Mr Evans' Sunday Gardening Programme found that his garden had suddenly become home to a hoard of rats and the horticulturalist explained that this may be down to the availability of food for the vermin.

He advised against using anything other than healthy garden waste in the compost mix, suggesting that weeds and wood should also be avoided, unless the twigs or logs have been put through a shredder.

"I would go as far as to say that gardeners who put kitchen and household waste onto their compost heaps in a busy neighbourhood could be considered to be anti-social as your neighbours will have your rat problem as well," he said.

In other new, Greenopolis - a firm which promotes eco-friendly practices - has suggested that gardeners will benefit from keeping a diary of their work.   - 23 February 2010
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Keep the rats from the garden

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