How worms can help compost

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Brits with an affinity for their garden may be interested to know that they can make good use of their pond when it comes to creating compost.

According to the Daily Press, the algae found on top of such water features can be used to coat cardboard, making it attractive to compost-friendly worms.

Expert Ron Crum told the news provider how feeding his worms strips of saturated cardboard is "like adding sugar to my cereal".

He spoke of how the tiny critters can be very useful in garden compost creation and can be used to transform waste products into useful materials.

They can eat through manure, old fruit and garden trimmings to create a nutritious soil additive.

Making your own compost could have health benefits as well as environmental advantages - the Royal Horticultural Society last month issued advice on the handling of potting compost after it was linked to Legionnaire's disease.

It suggested wearing gloves when using it and not opening bags with your head over the opening.   - 19 April 2010
More Thatched Gazebos Articles
How worms can help compost

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