How to sow vegetable seeds

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Those intending to grow vegetables in their garden this year may be interested in the advice of one of the UK's most prominent botanical associations.

Many vegetables are sown straight into the soil and should be planted by making a shallow trench with a bamboo cane or hand trowel, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) advised.

Once the seeds have been placed into the hole, they should be covered with soil and firmed down, ensuring that they are evenly spaced to avoid the need for thinning later.

After watering, nature should take its course and the seeds will germinate and start to grow.

However, it is important that soil temperature is maintained at above seven degrees C, which can be ensured by using cloches or some sort of clear covering in the weeks leading up to sowing.

This should be replaced after seeds have been put into the earth in order to maintain a continuous hospitable temperature.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently revealed that the National Botanic Garden of Ireland has successfully managed to make a plant once thought to have been extinct bloom.   - 18 February 2010
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How to sow vegetable seeds

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