Gazebo owners urged to get pruning

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Gazebo owners are being urged to return to routine pruning now that the temperature is warming up.

In an article in the Guardian, Ambra Edwards notes that winter gardening was turned upside down this year, but there is still time to catch up on neglected areas.

"Get cracking on apple and pear trees, soft fruit and roses while the plants are still dormant," she advised. "Then, in a week or two, as the first signs of growth appear, tackle wisteria, clematis and late-flowering shrubs."

Novice pruners were reminded to think of the three Ds: dead, diseased or damaged and cut them away as well as prune to control shape and size of a branch.

The third reason to prune is to encourage flowers or fruit, Ms Edwards explained. Cutting away at branches will reduce the number of buds, but they will be of higher quality.

Tending to trees and plants during the winter can also make a garden look more well-kept, making an afternoon lazing in a summerhouse or African thatched gazebo all the more enjoyable.

Posted by David Webb
    - 21 February 2011
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Gazebo owners urged to get pruning

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