Garden gazebo owners can take the indoors outdoors

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Outdoor furniture selection can be crucial when creating a comfortable place to enjoy plants and flowers, an opinion that might be relevant for garden gazebo owners.

Writing for the Independent, Kate Watson-Smyth said one trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the creation of sitting rooms outside, something which may be aided by the purchase of a garden gazebo.

While a waterproof table and chair set might be an attractive purchase, those with thatched garden gazebos may have more options as their furniture could be kept sheltered from the rain.

"There's no point planting all that food and flowers if there's nowhere to sit and admire your handiwork," Ms Watson-Smyth commented.

Among the ways she said this could be achieved is by the installation of interesting lighting and the purchase of suitable furniture.

This comes after construction work started on a "seemingly" floating gazebo on the Sanctum site in Sydney, according to World Interior Design Network.

Posted by David Webb    - 11 March 2011
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Garden gazebo owners can take the indoors outdoors

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