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Garden enthusiasts in the UK may be interested in the horticultural advice of a US website.

The Vindicator is based in Liberty County, Texas, and recently published a number of growing tips for the month of May.

It suggested that gardeners take note of the warmer weather and adjust their watering activities accordingly.

When rehydrating your plants, it is especially important to ensure the soil is given a good soak so that the roots can suck up the water before it drains away or dries up.

The heat in the earth also means that it is time to plant warm-season annuals, while those growing roses should add fertiliser every four to six weeks.

Meanwhile May is also the last month for trimming shrubs before the buds set for next year's blooming.

Spring-flowering bulbs should be starting to fade now, but gardeners should allow the foliage to mature before removing them, the Vindicator suggested.

Attracting butterflies to the garden should also be easier if you plant certain varieties, such as salvia, lantana and verbena.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society recently published its own May gardening tips.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 06 May 2010
More Thatched Gazebos Articles
Garden advice from the US

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