Ultimate garden shed on the market

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A leading UK supermarket chain has launched a new garden shed which can be picked up for almost £10,000.

Tesco has unveiled a range of summer houses but the flagship design is a building which measures 32ft by 16ft 10in, according to a new report published in the Sun today (June 30th).

The company, which is normally associated with selling groceries, clothes and electronics, is clearly looking to branch out even further and capitalise on the hot weather currently being enjoyed by Britons.

Boasting eight-double glazed windows, French doors, a felt shingle roof, a loft and a decking area, the five-room shed is sold for the princely sum of £9,999 as a flatpack to build at home.

"It's the ultimate garden shed," commented Jane Hamilton in her article for the newspaper.

"Buying it would get you 19,998 Clubcard points, enough for a diamond ring or flight to Greece."

Last week, research by insurance firm Aviva revealed that thefts from gardens increase by about 60 per cent in July and August in comparison to the figure for January.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 30 June 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
Ultimate garden shed on the market

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