Tennysons summer house reveals hidden secrets

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Garden excavation work undertaken at the home of former poet Laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson has revealed a number of interesting historical finds.

Work to restore Tennyson's Freshwater home on the Isle of Wight uncovered intricate carvings depicting sea serpents which are believed to have come from his now-demolished summer house, iwcp.co.uk reported.

According to the website, the summer house was where the poet did much of his writing and was also the likely site of such other artistic projects as the carvings.

The restoration work began after the house was sold in 2006, with new owners Martin Beisly and Rebecca Fitzgerald having already restored Tennyson's library.

They aim to have completed the restoration of the rest of the building in around two years' time.

"Tennyson is a great asset to the Isle of Wight and the Island would not have developed as it did without him," said Mr Beisly.

Posted by David Webb   - 10 January 2011
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Tennysons summer house reveals hidden secrets

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