Summerhouse owners urged to use February for sprucing up

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People with summer houses and other outdoor buildings have been advised to use February wisely and spruce up the garden before sowing begins in March.

Writing in the Telegraph, gardener Bunny Guinness says that now is the time to clean outdoor buildings such as greenhouses and gazebos, check that play equipment is safe and even pump up the wheelbarrow tyres.

"Before you get engrossed in the sowing, weeding and clipping, check over your fences, gates, doors and furniture and see if you have any that need a bit of a fix," she recommends, noting that fences can suffer in autumn gales and now could be the time to mend them before other jobs become a priority.

Meanwhile, stone and bricks can become cracked from the cold frost of winter.

Ms Guinness advises: "If your path has just a few damaged units, replacing those will suffice. They might be the slightly weaker ones and the rest will be fine for the next 100 years. The few replacement incomers will look new but you can weather them, using yogurt and/or cow muck."

Posted by Martin Corby
    - 22 February 2011
More Summer Houses Articles
Summerhouse owners urged to use February for sprucing up

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