Summer house owners warned to use pest control carefully in gardens

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Those who have plants climbing on their summer house might want to heed one expert's advice about the use of pest control in the garden.

Writing for the Telegraph, Jean Vernon warned that using insecticides could be harmful to beneficial creatures, such as bees.

She noted that the first line of defence for valuable or precious plants should be encouraging predators and installing barriers and traps.

"Choose your methods wisely and use with respect to ensure that the natural balance is quickly restored," she commented.

Ms Vernon advised those who have to use pest control to try spraying directly on to pests and to do so on a still day to minimise the chance of the insecticide spreading to places it is not needed.

Horticulturalists with climbing plants, such as roses or Clematis, might find this advice useful when cultivating flora on a garden summer house.

According to Seasonal Gardener, climbing plants can be an excellent way to add colour and fragrance to a garden gazebo.

Posted by David Webb    - 14 March 2011
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Summer house owners warned to use pest control carefully in gardens

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