Summer house owners should consider different types of daffodil

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As spring approaches, those with summer houses might want to heed the advice of one expert and look at the different types of daffodils they can feature in their garden.

Writing for the Independent, Emma Townshend said the ubiquitous daffodil is available in a number of subtle shades.

"The narcissus family encompasses a whole realm of creams and whites, as well as pale spring-sunshine colours," she commented.

Because of this, she noted that gardeners do not need to put up with the "stark chemical yellow" colour, a view that might tempt summer house owners to consider planting a wider variety of the plants in their outdoor space.

Individuals who are already designing a garden featuring subtler daffodils may want to heed the advice of Jean Vernon, who said in an article for the Daily Telegraph that horticulturalists should be careful about how they use pesticides.

The expert recommended spraying them as a last resort and to ensure only the affected area is exposed.

Posted by Martin Corby    - 21 March 2011
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Summer house owners should consider different types of daffodil

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