Summer house offers place for midwinter musings

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The current midwinter period offers "fair weather gardeners" a chance to consider their garden changes for the year ahead, it has been suggested.

Linda Fort of noted that "the laziest gardener in the world has a genuine excuse to stay indoors in bitter weather".

She suggested that such gardeners could use the time to plan how they will improve their outdoor areas once the weather warms up a bit.

This could include looking through seed catalogues to find the best plants and vegetables to start growing this spring or even thinking about alterations to the garden layout, Ms Fort said.

"I often find myself standing in the warmth of the kitchen staring out into the garden and musing on the projects I should get under way as soon as the weather warms," added the writer.

A warm and cosy garden building like a summer house or log cabin could provide an ideal base from which to partake in such "midwinter musings". Meanwhile, recent advice in the Shropshire Star recommended using heated propagator gadgets to slow-grow tender plants and get a "head start" on spring.

Posted by David Webb   - 19 January 2011
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Summer house offers place for midwinter musings

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