Summer house could help with watering efforts

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Watering gardens can be made easier by setting up special rain barrels, it has been suggested.

Beth Kallestad, executive director of the Cannon River Watershed Partnership, noted that in today's high-tech age, people can sometimes forget that there are low-tech solutions to certain problems.

"One low-tech solution to water conservation that also cuts down on runoff is to use rain barrels," she said in a column for Northfield News.

Ms Kallestad commented that rain barrels are a good means of saving some of the water that runs off roofs that can then be used to take care of gardens.

Such a tip could interest owners of garden structures like summer houses or log cabins, which could also be used to store the rain barrels when not in use.

According to Ms Kallestad, rain barrels also present environmental benefits.

"An added bonus is that the water collected by the rain barrels is water that then does not run off driveways and streets picking up pollutants like oils, fertiliser, and chemicals, etc," she said.

"In many cases, the runoff carries these pollutants right to the rivers or lakes."

Posted by David Webb   - 26 January 2011
More Summer Houses Articles
Summer house could help with watering efforts

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