Summer house could encourage more people to take laptops into gardens

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Building a summer house with access to power could enable more individuals to head into their gardens with their laptops this summer.

A recent poll of 537 respondents from PC Advisor has found that almost a quarter (24.1 per cent) have plans to use their laptops in their gardens this summer.

However, a number of sensible reasons were given as to why people would be avoiding taking their computers into the garden, many of which could be cured through the building of a summer house.

Some 33.1 per cent answered that the sunlight meant that they were unable to see their screens properly, while battery problems were blamed by 8.9 per cent of respondents.

One respondent going by the name of 'Chegs' said: "I don't take the laptop into the garden as battery life is limited to under one hour.

"The screen might be huge for a laptop but is still impossible to view in sunlight. I tend to simply sit outside and chat to family, friends or neighbours."

The Independent recently noted that people may wish to consider erecting a garden office at their properties in order to remove the commute to work.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 14 July 2010
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Summer house could encourage more people to take laptops into gardens

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