Solving fox digging problems

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Garden owners whose beautiful green spaces are being ruined by foxes may be interested in tips from horticulture expert Pippa Greenwood on the matter.

The green-fingered authority told Daily Mirror readers that many Brits suffer from overzealous critters digging up their prized plants or simply gouging holes in their garden.

One common reason for this is that the animal is looking for food due to the fact that it can smell bonemeal in the soil.

The material is commonly used in phosphate-rich soil to help improve conditions, but can fool foxes into thinking there is an animal carcass buried beneath plants.

According to Ms Greenwood, the best way to avoid tempting the fox to dig holes all over the garden is to avoid using feeds with animal carcass derivatives.

This is not exclusive to bonemeal and growers should check contents for signs of blood, dried blood, fish and bone.

Meanwhile, fruit growers should only plant new trees once the last frosts have disappeared, the Royal Horticultural Society suggested.   - 17 February 2010
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Solving fox digging problems

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