Public parks ideal inspiration for gardeners short on ideas

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People looking for inspiration over how to style their garden or where to place a summer house should visit a public park for inspiration, it has been suggested.

Research recently carried out by Ronseal found that one in five UK homeowners now do little or nothing to keep their garden looking good.

In addition, one in ten of those polled admitted to sticking with designs from the 1970s, with gravel and 'crazy paving' still prominent on many British streets thanks largely to laziness.

However, according to garden designer Michelle Wake, often it is simply the case of gardeners being stuck for ideas, even though their local park or public green space could provide them with much-needed inspiration.

"England has got some of the most beautiful gardens in the world, so there really is no excuse for lacking in inspiration – there are always some really beautiful gardens which are open to the public which you can go and visit," she said.

These comments come soon after the Royal Horticultural Society reported that its work with schools has shown that children who enjoy gardening tend to be more resilient and enjoy better health than their peers who do not.

Posted by David Webb   - 12 July 2010
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Public parks ideal inspiration for gardeners short on ideas

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