Pruning times change for different clematis types

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Ensuring that different forms of clematis are pruned at the appropriate times during the year is important to guaranteeing that they are not damaged.

An article in the Worcester News identifies that there are three types of clematis, which climb up trellis and fencing, alongside weaving through shrubs and wrapping themselves over walls.

The first group are those that flower in the spring and need to be pruned directly after flowering and not in the winter when the new season's flowers could be lost.

Meanwhile, the second group of large-flowered hybrids should be pruned hard in the first spring after planting to encourage the growth of multiple stems.

Group three clematis tend to flower in the summer and autumn and require pruning to the lowest pair of healthy looking buds in either the late winter or early spring.

The publication notes: "Clematis are the climbers which cause the most confusion when it comes to pruning because there are three groups of them.

"If you prune the wrong type at the wrong time you'll ruin your chances for blooms this year."

According to the British Clematis Society, the vines should be planted in either the spring or autumn. They can be planted in the summer time but will require extra watering.   - 02 March 2010
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Pruning times change for different clematis types

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