Ponds and water features can complement garden buildings

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Ponds can be worthwhile additions to a garden provided they look natural "and not like puddles stranded in the middle of nowhere", it has been argued.

GardenersWorld.com blogger James Alexander-Sinclair reported on a pond he has been working on for the National Gardens Scheme next year.

"As the ground is so wet, we have the luxury of not having to worry too much about water supply as it just gushes out of the ground, fills the pond and is then directed off into a nearby ditch where it rushes off down the hill and no doubt fills somebody else's pond a few miles away," he commented.

Mr Alexander-Sinclair also noted that his team of gardeners has not had to concern itself with rubber liners because the natural clay of the ground will - "with a bit of work" - make the pond watertight.

He suggested that while homeowners do not have to attempt ponds on such a scale , they can still create natural ponds that can serve as worthwhile complements to a garden.

Meanwhile, Nigel Colborn of the Daily Mail recently claimed that homeowners can derive more pleasure from their properties by turning their gardens into "mini nature-reserves".

Posted by Martin Corby
    - 03 August 2010
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Ponds and water features can complement garden buildings

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