Orange is a versatile colour for the garden

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Orange is a colour that is often neglected in the garden but could be put to good use, particularly in the months over the spring period, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Oxford Times, Val Bourne observes that many gardeners often opt for other bright colours including pink and blue on their land in order to maintain a traditional English look.

However, she notes that orange is very versatile and is a colour of flowers that she will be adding to her own garden in the coming months.

Ms Bourne said: "Orange is a wonderful colour, especially in spring. It can be woven among golds, or used as a clash with purple or blue, or blended into sunny red and gold, or it can just add a golden glint.

"I intend to plant an orange grass-like plant called Libertia peregrinans 'Gold Leaf'. The drier and hotter the conditions are in summer the brighter the spiky leaves become."

The Libertia peregrinans is native to New Zealand, turns orange in cooler weather and produces white star-shaped flowers.   - 04 March 2010
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Orange is a versatile colour for the garden

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