Northumberland residents given garden advice

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With the summer season fast approaching, a Northumberland retailer is hoping to stir up interest in gardening by providing free expert advice.

Heighley Gate Nursery and Garden Centre has invited BBC gardener of the year Bob Tridgett to host a complimentary horticulture surgery, the Morpeth Herald reported.

Taking place on Tuesday (April 20th), the event will be a great opportunity for those looking to have their questions answered, general manager Roger Wale told the newspaper.

"People may want suggestions on what to plant where, or what plants go together, and Bob will be happy to suggest what he thinks would work best for their garden," he explained.

The garden centre is also set to showcase what can be done with a vegetable plot by creating a display model this weekend.

It will include a range of foodstuffs that can be grown in the UK, giving gardeners an idea with what they could do with their own greenspace.

Those looking to expand their knowledge of vegetable growing could also benefit from the free iPhone application released by the Royal Horticultural Society.   - 16 April 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
Northumberland residents given garden advice

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