Met Office to scrap seasonal forecasting

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Those improving their garden with a barbecue area or other instalment may be interested to know that they will no longer be able to get long-term seasonal weather predictions from the Met Office.

Weather experts at the Devon-based organisation have decided to scrap the service after making several incorrect forecasts in recent times.

First, it suggested that last summer would be great for barbecues, only for it to end up being a rather soggy time for the UK.

Then, the Met Office suggested that there was only a one in seven chance of the country experiencing a cold winter - which turned out to be one of chilliest periods in recent history.

However, the service will be replaced by monthly predictions, updated and amended on a weekly basis, meaning gardeners should get a more accurate picture of what they have in store.

The Met Office recently posted the results of its climate change study online, which show that the world's weather is changing through man-made influences.   - 10 March 2010
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Met Office to scrap seasonal forecasting

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