Log cabins can boost property values

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Log cabins can be the ideal addition to a family home, giving extra living space and even boosting the value of the property, it has been suggested.

Depending on what you use your log cabin for, the wooden structure can provide space for storage, a place to relax or even act as a garden office.

According to Logcabinsdicounter spokesperson John Jansen, those with a log cabin who use it as an office have the perfect way to ensure a good work/life balance, by having a separate place away from the main home to carry out their professional tasks.

"Office cabins help people to commute between [their] living house and office work, maintaining a perfect balance of work and family life," he said.

Furthermore, he explained that it can provide storage space for gardening tools and equipment, such as barbeques, loungers and lawnmowers.

However, many people also use their log cabin as a summerhouse - a place to relax during the warmer months - or as a change of scene and somewhere quiet to unwind after a hard day.

Meanwhile, a US town is set to spend around £300,000 restoring a historic log cabin that was donated to it two years ago, the Portage Post Tribune reported.

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Log cabins can boost property values

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