List could help gardeners in busy March

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Creating a list of all the gardening tasks that need to be completed in the upcoming weeks could prove useful to prevent panic setting in.

Writing a blog for Gardeners' World, James Alexander-Sinclair remarks that March is a busy time for gardeners as it represents the start of spring and brings to an end the "miserable" month of February.

He highlights many of the jobs that he has to complete before the end of the month, including shovelling manure onto the borders, planting bare-rooted trees and pruning fruit trees.

However, he highlights the importance of a list to ensure he remembers to do everything and ensures that all tasks are not all left until the last moment.

Mr Alexander-Sinclair said: "Spring is a bit like a rollercoaster. You get very slowly winched up through the long days of winter until you teeter on the top.

"Then suddenly it is downhill rush as everything starts sprouting and growing and flowering and, unless you are careful, you will run out of time to complete all those things that need doing before the spring."

Meanwhile, gardeners are advised to complete tasks quickly before weeds begin to grow.   - 02 March 2010
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List could help gardeners in busy March

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