Key interior design trends for summer houses revealed

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One expert has revealed his key interior design trends for 2011, which can be used in the home or in an outdoor building such as a summer house or garden office. 

Stefan Zachary, founder of Zachary Design, noted that "smaller quantities of carpet and larger quantities of high quality hard floor finishes" will be a major feature this year, as well as large investments that will last a long time.

"With the quality of fittings in the house in kitchens and bathrooms, people's aspirations for those parts of the building are now much higher," he explained.

Mr Zachary also remarked that every penny spent on an existing property is an investment that will have a return.

He said: "I know people who were planning on moving, and were budgeting for their next move, who are now staying where they are. They are spending money on their existing house instead."

This can extend to the garden, as a summer house could add to a garden design and could add to the value of a property when the time comes to sell.

Posted by David Webb
    - 28 February 2011
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Key interior design trends for summer houses revealed

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