Keep on top of weeds to boost garden success

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Weeds can be a real problem for those wishing to create the perfect garden and homeowners have been advised to keep on top of them to stop them restricting growth of more desirable plants.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), this is especially true with vegetables such as onions and carrots, with weeds significantly impacting the chances of harvesting a good crop.

Those starting a vegetable patch should remove any deep-rooted and perennial weeds to help ensure the problem is minimised.

This will leave only annuals and the seedlings of perennials to be dealt with and significantly reduce the work required, the organisation said.

"These are easily dealt with if you hoe regularly. A good sharp Dutch hoe is a deadly weapon if used frequently," it revealed.

Growers planting vegetable seeds often sow then straight into the ground by digging small trenches and filling them with soil once they have been placed evenly, the RHS revealed.   - 18 February 2010
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Keep on top of weeds to boost garden success

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