June gardening tips

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With the month of June now well under way, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be enjoying the start of the summer.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is Britain's premier gardening association and recently published tips for this month.

Growers will experience the longest day of the year on June 21st and can expect the month to be filled with healthy light and hopefully some strong sunshine.

While plants will benefit from this light, weeds will also grow more quickly and gardeners will have to stay on top of them to avoid problems.

Regular hoeing in dry conditions can help to keep them at bay, the RHS noted.

Another thing to remember in the warm weather is possible water shortages, so gardeners should be economical with their H2O without allowing their plants to become dehydrated.

Now is a good time to pinch out sideshoots on tomato plants, while lettuce, radish and early potatoes can be harvested.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently reported that a Somerset garden attraction is asking its customers for ideas about what steps it should take during renovation work.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 07 June 2010
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June gardening tips

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