Inspirational gardens under threat

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Brits who draw inspiration for their own green space from trips to the country's horticultural attractions may be interested in the plight of Kew Gardens.

The London site faces a funding crisis that could lead to the closure of many of its landmark buildings, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) revealed.

Around £20 million needs to be spent on the attraction's glazed structures, including the Grade I listed Temperate House, after a report found that they are in dire need of refurbishment for health and safety reasons.

A further £60 million is required to complete other vital repairs around the green attraction, although where the funding will come from remains to be seen.

The report highlighted the fact that the cash flow situation at the park is not good, with research resources being diverted into fundraising activities.

It noted that a number of positions remain vacant at the gardens as it cannot afford to fill them.

In other news, former National Society for Allotment & Leisure Gardeners national secretary Geoff Stokes died earlier this month, the RHS reported.   - 16 March 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
Inspirational gardens under threat

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