Improving the cabbage patch

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Gardening expert Graham Porter has used his job at the Huddersfield Examiner to bestow some of his wisdom on readers.

The horticulturalist explained that there are a number of things that Brits can do to boost the success of their cabbages.

First on the list should be protecting the crops from being damaged by pests such as the White Cabbage butterfly caterpillar.

To do this, growers should use a fleece cover, which will keep the bugs away, while still allowing the plants to flourish.

Another tip is to add some nitrogen-rich diluted sulphate of ammonia to "green up the leaves and give the plants the energy to fill out a little more".

In other news, growers should have an extra hour of daylight to work in the evenings after the clocks went forward by one hour at the weekend.   - 29 March 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
Improving the cabbage patch

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