How to teach kids to respect the garden

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With Brits spending thousands of pounds per year on their gardens, it can be vital to teach children why they should respect the green environment.

Online resource has teamed up with Amanda Grant, author of Grow It Cook It With Kids, to provide assistance in the matter.

The website claimed that introducing youngsters to how things grow in the garden from an early age can help improve their understanding of the natural world.

Growing edible plants together can keep children interested as they know they will eventually be able to eat what they sow.

Ms Grant provided the website with a number of tips, including starting with herbs, which are easy to grow and useful in cooking.

Allowing kids to smell and taste the plants before they buy them is important as it gives them a choice over what they want to grow.

Those looking to take things further could use the Royal Horticultural Society's new iPhone application, which gives advice on growing food, or its Plant Finder directory, which lists stockists of more than 70,000 species.   - 15 April 2010
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How to teach kids to respect the garden

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