How to garden on the cheap

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British gardeners may benefit from taking advice from a website based across the pond. has suggested that horticulture need not be an expensive pastime if growers are willing to shop around and be a little savvy about where they source their equipment.

The website advised checking the discounted section of home improvement stores, as retailers often reduce the prices of] less than perfect plants which can be restored to their former glory with a little TLC.

Nature centres are also a good source of local species and can be a great place to meet other gardeners and pick up tips.

Those willing to grow plants from seeds can pick up great bargains from catalogues, with many offering promotional coupons on their websites.

Meanwhile, the classified ads sections of newspapers can be good places to pick up cheap and even free plants.

Many gardeners use these to dispose of unwanted - but still perfectly good - plants when moving home or redesigning their green space.

In other news Kew Royal Botanic Gardens has managed to save a species of waterlily that looked bound for extinction.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 20 May 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
How to garden on the cheap

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