How to build a compost heap

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Garden enthusiasts may be familiar with the concept of compost improving their soil, but a US website has given instructions on how to make your own.

The ideal heap should be made up of two to four-inch layers of green and brown materials, Bend Bulletin advised.

According to the website, brown materials include wood chips, hay, sawdust, used potting soil, dead leaves and shredded newspaper.

The green layers should be made up of garden clippings, tea bags, coffee grounds, leftover fruit and vegetables and even bread.

However, growers should avoid adding treated wood, seeds and animal products such as milk and meats.

The layers should be kept moist using a hose and the compost bin should be positioned so that it is easily accessible for adding new materials.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society has launched an iPhone application that gives gardeners hints of fruit and vegetable growing.   - 06 April 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
How to build a compost heap

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