How gardening is good for you

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Life is often full of stresses, but those looking for relief do not have to travel far to find it, it has been claimed.

According to the Times, heading out to the garden to indulge your green fingers is a great therapy.

Journalist Catherine Horwood revealed how such action had helped her through a tough time while her mother battled Alzheimer's disease.

She said that for all her husband's jokes about the number of cuts and bruises she got, the small physical injuries were far outweighed by the emotional and psychological benefits which may even have stopped her heading to the doctor with depression.

Horticulture has long been associated with such uplifting qualities - in the 1900s, a philanthropic movement distributed plants to the poor to help boost their spirits.

Ms Horwood noted how gardening is also becoming popular among different demographics, with women and children now becoming more involved in a traditionally male-dominated pastime.

In other news, a flower thought to have become extinct half a century ago has been discovered growing in England, the Daily Mail reported.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 04 May 2010
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How gardening is good for you

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