How dwarves can help with smaller gardens

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Slow growing dwarf plants can be a blessing and a curse for gardeners, it has been suggested.

According to US website, the fact that they are generally small and do not require a lot of pruning is a bonus.

However, because they are slow to grow, the plants are also not the best at repairing themselves following damage.

Despite this, dwarves can be a great choice for the homeowner with little space in their garden.

It is important to choose the correct variety for the conditions, as some have very particular requirements.

The Aucuba and Fatsia are shade lovers, while the Ixora, Yucca and Indian hawthorn all love sunshine and should be planted in a bright spot.

Meanwhile, the coontie and dwarf yaupon holly are not so fussy and can be a good choice for those looking for a stress-free time.

Gardeners looking for inspiration could head to the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden Wisley, which recently won a prestigious tourism award.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 07 May 2010
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How dwarves can help with smaller gardens

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