Hosepipe bans do not have to keep people out of their gardens

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Potential hosepipe bans do not have to result in individuals not being able to enjoy their gardens this summer, it has been suggested.

Keen gardeners may want to keep their lawns in pristine condition and their summer houses clean in the warmer temperatures and the Royal Horticultural Society explains that this can be achieved by "making every drop of water count".

One technique highlighted by Guy Barter, head of the RHS Advisory Team, is using what is known as grey water as a good starting point.

"This is water collected from washing fruit and vegetables, and hand washing up and less easily, baths, showers and washing machines, but not from dishwashers as this water contains damaging chemicals," he explained.

Furthermore, Mr Barter suggests that people should avoid giving their whole gardens a soaking as in most cases this only results in the top part of the soil becoming wet.

Meanwhile, United Utilities recently announced that a temporary hosepipe ban was necessary in the north-west of England due to a lack of rainfall in the past seven months.

Posted by Daniel Webb   - 09 July 2010
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Hosepipe bans do not have to keep people out of their gardens

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