Homeowner turns back garden into putting green

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A keen gardener and golfer has turned his back garden into a "perfectly manicured" putting green.

Calvin Cooper from Haddington, Scotland, told entertainment.stv.tv that when he first moved into his family home, the garden was overrun with trees and an unruly lawn.

Rather than remaking the area as a conventional garden, Mr Cooper opted to turn the space into a slick golfer's green.

"It's my pride and joy," he said. "Since we moved in three years ago I've put new turf down, top dressed it regularly, spiked it daily for aeration and cut it three to four times a week."

Homeowners looking to reap maximum enjoyment from their gardens could also erect a stylish summer house or thatched gazebo. Mr Cooper revealed that he keeps the garden in such immaculate shape by cutting the green with a pair of scissors and by regularly brushing the grass.

"I'm really protective over the grass, and my wife says she's not allowed to touch it!" he said.

Posted by Martin Corby
    - 10 September 2010
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Homeowner turns back garden into putting green

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