Hold out for spring, gardeners warned

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Garden enthusiasts should resist the temptation to rush out and buy spring and summer plants, it has been claimed.

According to the Guardian, the long and cold winter has made it important to bide your time when it comes to spring growing.

A late frost could be devastating for plants put outside too early, but a few hardy species should survive if growers really want to get some work done.

While pansies, potted dwarf irises and miniature daffodils should all be okay, Brits should resist putting seeds into the ground until the soil warms up, the newspaper suggested.

Those who wish to get to work still have various tasks that can be carried out, including tending to any conifers that have been splayed by the snow.

These can be pulled back into the proper shape and wrapped in black one-inch nylon netting.

According to the newspaper, "this will support the branches and let new growth through. It is almost invisible and will last for years".

Meanwhile, the Guardian has also issued advice on how to avoid using peat-free compost to help reduce your garden's environmental impact.   - 22 March 2010
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Hold out for spring, gardeners warned

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