Gardeners urged to cut rose stems and encourage growth

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Gardening enthusiasts have been advised to thin and shorten shoots on "rambling roses" in order to keep the plants manageable and attractive.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, the RHS Advisory Service set out a number of tips for gardens and veg plots as the summer growing season draws to a close.

It suggested that gardeners should cut out one in three stems at the base of rose plants to encourage young growth.

In addition, the organisation observed that powdery mildew can be troublesome at this time of year, particularly on plants under stress.

"Keep plants well watered, fed and mulched and use a fungicide. Container plants may need water twice daily," it advised.

Homeowners looking to get the most from their gardens may also choose to erect a summer house or garden office that offers a private, relaxing sanctuary. Alison Coleman, marketing manager at Magnet, recently noted that a huge range of homeowner purchases now reflect people's desire to be greener.

Posted by David Webb
    - 16 August 2010
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Gardeners urged to cut rose stems and encourage growth

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