Gardeners should embrace the weather

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UK gardeners may wish to take heed of advice issued to growers across the pond when it comes to dealing with adverse weather conditions.

Notoriously wet Britain has its fair share of rain, which can lead to water pooling in some green spaces.

However, instead of fighting against this, horticulture fans should embrace it by planting specimens which favour soggy earth, New York Botanical Gardens vice-president of horticulture and living collections Todd Forrest told USA Today.

The expert added that gardeners should also take care where they tread if their yard is susceptible to water.

Mr Forrest explained that walking on wet flowerbeds and kitchen plots is "about the worst thing you can do for them" as it can compact the soil, cutting the chances of plants' success.

He added that mature trees can be the most noticeable aspect of a garden and that they deserve special attention, which may be especially true after the harsh winter in the UK.

In other news, the Yorkshire Post recently revealed that the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden Harlow Carr is nearing completion of its green learning centre.   - 01 April 2010
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Gardeners should embrace the weather

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